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Acne-safe formulations for all your skin care needs.

Launching in 2024


Made for Acne-Prone Skin  


Every product goes through comedogenicity testing to ensure it won't clog pores

Fungal acne safe

We don't use ingredients that trigger or feed malassezia

Microbiome friendly

Every product is packed with microbiome and barrier supporting ingredients

Acne resource library

We're here for you.

Have a question about your skin? Unsure about how to add a new product to your routine? Wanna just say hi? Drop us a line!

After 15 years of struggling with chronic acne, I discovered that my skincare products were the source of my breakouts. I had no idea I was using products every day that were full of pore-clogging ingredients. 


The endless cycle of breakouts made me think – why should acne hold me back from achieving all my skin care goals? I created banuskin so that people with acne never have to compromise; because we deserve end-to-end skincare made for us. 


Roz Banoo Samimi

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