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Replenishing your skin's microbiome

Your skin’s microbiome is a unique ecosystem that has everything it needs to keep your skin healthy and happy. When you have acne, it’s easy to give into harsh treatments that promise results (think benzoyl peroxide), but they often make things worse by stripping your skin of all the amazing oils, ceramides, and healthy bacteria that exist to keep your skin balanced. In this article you’ll learn all about your skin’s microbiome, why it’s important, and how to protect it.

About your skin’s microbiome

Your skin’s microbiome is made of “skin flora” and consists of a variety of healthy bacterial and fungal species. The microbiome on your skin’s surface is responsible for protection from UV rays, allergens, and other threats to your skin. Our skin’s microbiome blocks harmful pathogenic organisms and makes room for helpful bacteria and microbes that positively impact our overall health and keep our skin happy. Essentially, your skin’s microbiome is its own ecosystem of bacteria that is directly correlated to your skin’s wellbeing.

The importance of your skin’s microbiome

Studies show that our skin’s microbiome has an intricate relationship with our gut’s microbiome – nurturing the health of your gut can greatly improve the health of your skin. Taking care of your skin and applying a holistic approach to your acne treatment begins with replenishing and protecting your gut’s microbiome. Working from within is an effective method to clearing acne because of your skin’s intimate connection with the rest of your body. Tending to your skin’s microbiome gives you the opportunity to achieve clear skin while simultaneously prioritizing your overall health.

How to Protect Your Skin’s Microbiome

Just like any treatment plan, protecting your skin’s microbiome should be customized to fit your specific needs. However, we’ll go through small lifestyle changes that can immensely improve the health of your skin’s microbiome.

1) Keep it simple

It may seem like a no-brainer if you’re already an avid skincare-lover, but harsh soaps are one of the first products you should cut out if you’re looking to improve your skin’s health. Keeping a simple skincare routine equipped with acne-friendly products will make a positive impact on your skin’s microbiome.

2) Stay hydrated

As always, consistent and frequent hydration will set you up for success when nurturing your skin. Along with hydrating your body, you should also make sure to moisturize your skin to allow for healing.

3) Eat acne-friendly foods

Nourishing your body by eating acne-friendly foods and limiting cows’ milk and gluten products goes a long way in revamping your gut bacteria, and by extension your skin’s microbiome. Additionally, your skin’s microbiome flourishes when you implement probiotics to your daily routine (supplements, kimchi, sauerkraut, etc.).

4) Move your body

Lastly, physical exercise and increased blood flow are sure ways to improve the wellbeing of your skin barrier. Remember, the healthier your skin’s microbiome is, the more likely you are to experience clear skin!

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