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No compromises,  just confidence. 

Our products are formulated for all types of acne-prone skin, even fungal.


We use ingredients that aid the skin in becoming less prone to breakouts, and nourishing ingredients that give your skin the tools it needs to heal itself from the inside out.

Made for all types of acne

Every product is formulated for all types of acne, including fungal. This means we never use fatty acids, esters, or polysorbates.

No pore-clogging ingredients

Every product is formulated with non-comedogenic ingredients and goes through comedogenicity testing to ensure they won't clog pores or trigger new breakouts.

Responsible actives

We intentionally use OTC acne treatments in some but not all of our products to give your skin room to heal.

A healthy barrier and balanced microbiome

We use ingredients that aid in repairing the skin flora. This means a healthy balance between ingredients that feed the good bacteria (pre and probiotics) and antimicrobial ingredients that prevent acne-causing bacteria from taking over.

No bleaching agents

We don't use ingredients that will bleach or change the color of skin – only ones that will help skin heal and look its best.

Clean ingredients

We follow guidelines from the European Cosmetic Directive to ensure our formulas are held to the highest standard.

We pledge to never formulate with: 

  • Animal by-products

  • Bleaching agents

  • Endocrine disrupting ingredients (i.e. ​​parabens, benzophenones, phthalates) 

  • Fungal acne triggers (i.e. fatty acids, polysorbates) 

  • Ingredients banned by the European Cosmetic Directive.

    • Please note: some ingredients are EU compliant if used under a specified threshold. All banuskin products follow EU regulations. 

  • Pore-clogging ingredients (i.e. isopropyl linolate, laureth-4) 

  • Silicones (i.e. dimethicone, cyclohexasiloxane) 

  • Synthetic colorants

  • Synthetic fragrances

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