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Founded on the belief that acne should never hold you back from safely achieving all your skin care goals.


                          is end-to-end skincare made for you.

A letter from our founder


After 15 years of struggling with chronic acne, I discovered that my skincare products were the source of my breakouts. Despite doing everything my various dermatologists told me to do (i.e. topical creams, diet changes, antibiotics, monthly extractions), my skin seemed to only be getting worse.


It took over a decade for me to realize that the lip balms, moisturizers, and other skincare products I used alongside my acne treatments were full of pore-clogging ingredients. I thought products marked as "suitable for sensitive skin" or "dermatologist recommended" were safe for me to use. To make matters worse, my skin barrier was completely destroyed from overdoing it with harsh acne products, making my skin more prone to breakouts and too weak to recover. 


The endless cycle of breakouts made me think – why should acne hold me back from achieving all my skin care goals? I created banuskin so that people with acne never have to compromise; because we deserve end-to-end skincare made for us. 


Roz Banoo Samimi

To everyone with acne-prone skin: WELCOME

We're creating a new standard of acne care – where every product is made with your unique needs in mind. 

An acne-safe moisturizing hero? Yes please! A spot treatment with a side of brightening? You better believe it.

  • Made for all types of acne
    Our R+D team has found innovative ways to formulate banuskin products to be safe for all types of acne-prone skin (even fungal) without compromising on quality. Every product is then reviewed by board-certified dermatologists and clinically tested on acne-prone skin to ensure it won’t trigger new breakouts.
  • Benefits outside of just "blemish-free"
    We’re guided by the principle that acne care should go beyond just treating blemishes. We're here to provide end-to-end skincare so that you can achieve all your skin care goals without compromising on clear skin.
  • Responsible actives
    Using an "acne-fighting" ingredient in every step of your routine can weaken the barrier, making skin more prone to breakouts. We are intentional with actives only using OTC acne treatments, in some, but not all of our products. 
  • We're obsessed with real skin
    Real skin is gorgeous, which is why we never use photoshop or terms like “perfect” or “flawless.” We’re here to embrace your whole self – exactly as you are. 
  • We believe in diverse clinical testing
    Did you know that only ~23% of participants in clinical trials for acne are BIPOC? And yet, acne is the most commonly diagnosed condition in Black, Asian, and Latinx communities. It’s our turn to be represented, so we're including people of all backgrounds in our clinical trials to ensure our products are safe for all skin tones. 
  • Community is at our core
    We know how isolating acne can make you feel, so we invite you to join the banuskin community to connect with others in the same boat as you. We'll be hosting virtual and in-person events to bring our community together in 2024.
  • Leaving a positive mark on the planet is ingrained in us
    We’re here to do our part to help protect the planet for future generations. 100% cruelty-free Clean and responsibly sourced ingredients  Eco-conscious packaging
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