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How to build your skincare regimen

Not all skin is the same, that's why it's so important to have a skincare regimen that works best for you. But with the sheer volume of products out there, it can be hard to figure out where a product should go in your regimen. Keep reading to learn a basic framework for building your personalized skincare regimen.

You can also download and print our skincare regimen framework.

Skincare Regimen Framework
Download PDF • 388KB

Evening Routine

We're starting here because this is where you'll use your "active" ingredients. These are products that are designed to treat your acne topically. Because they often have ingredients that make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, we recommend only using these products at night.

Step 1: Cleanse

Our favorite way to remove dirt and makeup is with micellar water. Simply soak a cotton round with micellar water and rub it all over your face and neck until the cotton round comes back clean. Then rinse your face with cold water. If you need another layer of cleansing after a long day of wearing makeup, follow micellar water with a gentle cleanser. Typically cleansers that foam will strip your skin of essential oils, so it's best to use a milk or oil-based cleanser.

Step 2: Tone

This step can definitely be dropped if you want to slim down your routine. Some people like to tone their skin by soaking a cotton round and applying it all over their face and neck, and others like to spritz it all over. Toners are great for moisturizing, but not absolutely necessary if you have a great moisturizer.

Step 3: Apply your actives

Now it's time to apply your actives (mandelic serum, salicylic acid, azelaic acid, etc.). Follow the instructions on the packing for how to apply your main acne fighter. If you choose to use multiple actives, alternate between them throughout the week so that you're only using one active every night.

Step 4: Moisturize

Lastly, apply moisturizer all over your face and neck. We recommend waiting 3-5 minutes after applying your active to give your skin a chance to soak it all in.

Step 5: Miscellaneous

Now it's time to add your eye cream and lip balm (if you like using these!). Remember, even though these products aren't being applied where you have acne, it's important to check these products for pore-clogging ingredients. It's very common for products to move around while you're sleeping and clog your pores.

Morning routine

We recommend keeping your morning routine simple. Start by rinsing your face with cold water, then applying toner, sunscreen and/or moisturizer. There's no need to use cleanser in the morning – just use a bit of cold water to make you feel refreshed. This will also give your skin's microbiome time to reset. Trust us, your skin will feel so much more moisturized and plump if you keep things simple in the AM.


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